Pray for MH370

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER at Melbourn...

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER at Melbourne Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, search crews continued looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which lost contact with the airline on Friday, seemingly vanishing into thin air over the South China Sea without sending any distress signal after dissapear from the radar screen. Latest reports state that a Vietnamese search plane has located fragments of an aircraft including a piece of the tail and part of a door. But MAS said the debris wasn’t part of the airplane. Search crews also spotted oil slicks that were six to nine miles long in the same area where the Boeing 777-200ER lost contact with air traffic controllers. The sample has been taken to laboratory to determine it is from the plane fuel. But with the location of the plane still unknown, the FBI sent agents and technical experts to the region to assist in the around-the-clock investigation involving several countries, said a federal law enforcement official with knowledge of the rescue efforts. Malaysia Airlines says they were currently working with the authorities who have activated their search and rescue team to locate the aircraft.

Faith in humanity restored. Our neighboring countries also send their teams to assisting the search activities. Thousand of tweets mentioning their prays over this missing airplanes. Sadness spreads all over the worlds. Even in my WhatsApp chat group we don’t keen to talks about jokes anymore. Everyone is worries. I myself can’t barely hold my tears when hearing the ‘doa’ recitation on Hot fm radio station just now.

The oceans were vast. The skies were limitless. But there’s still hope. Wishing all the person on-board were in safety condition.  Lets us together pray for them. For those who are not linking to the news channel or website, please stop making speculation. And all the freelance jokers too, this can’t be laughable issue for your tweets. To the politician, this is not suitable idea for any point fingering competition. Please pay some respects. Care for the passenger’s families feeling. Let the authorities do their job.



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